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How do I register for Summer Reading?

There is no registration required for this year’s program! All you have to do is download or pick up a 10 Day Reading Log and start reading!

How many days do I need to read to finish Summer Reading?

Track your reading for at least 10 days. After that, start working on your Bingo Card!

What do I get for completing a Challenge?

Unfortunately this year we aren’t able to give out small prizes for each Challenge completed, but as you complete each Challenge, you can fill out this form (available beginning June 10) to be entered to win fun prizes!

How do I track my reading?

You can download and print a 10 Day Reading Log or you may be able to pick one up curbside at your local Branch! You can also use any other method of tracking you prefer. You will not be turning a Reading Log into the library.

What if I don’t have internet access or computer access?

You may be able to pick up a Reading Log and a Bingo at your local Branch, and there may be other locations around town where you can pick up materials. Everything on the All Ages Bingo Card can be done without access to a computer or the internet!

Do I need to register for Summer Reading to participate in Summer Reading Events?

No. In fact, there will be no registration process! Just jump in and start completing Reading Challenges! SRP events are open to the public for the age range they are advertised for (Curbside Crafts are for youth of all ages, Pick-Up Projects are for adults of all ages, and virtual events can be viewed and enjoyed by all!)

Do I need to participate in Summer Reading Events to complete Summer Reading?

No. All you need to do to complete Summer Reading is read for 10 days, complete a 5 in a row bingo, and complete a bingo blackout by July 31st.  As you complete each challenge, fill out the Prize Entry form on our website for a chance to win fun prizes.

Are there prizes this year?

Yes!  Fill out the Prize Entry form at the completion of each challenge: 10 Days of Reading, 5 in a Row Bingo, & Bingo Blackout for a chance to win fun prizes! 

What’s the deal with Neighborhood Read?

As part of Summer Reading, join us for Neighborhood Reads: a celebration of reading with our library community! We have selected one title per age category. Read the books and join us for digital events to celebrate each title.

What are Curbside Crafts?

Curbside Crafts are youth to-go crafting kits to go available at all 7 libraries in the Latah County Library District.  There will be new crafts available weekly for pickup.   Contact you preferred library to find out the hours for Curbside Craft PIckups!

What are Pick-Up Projects?

Pick-Up Projects are to-go crafting kits for Grownups available at the Moscow Public Library.  Watch our Facebook for pick-up days.