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Mental Health Resources
Tools for Mental and Physical Wellness
  • Adult Services Librarian Bailey created this video to share a couple of easy mindfulness practices.
  • The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention shared a list of practical things you can do to take care of your mental health during this time.
  • Write. Tell your story. Research shows telling your own story is a great way to process trauma. In this article, a Historian urges his students to chronicle their lives for during this crisis, both for their own mental health and for posterity.
  • Author and researcher Gretchen Rubin has created a list of practical tips for taking care of yourself.
  • Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos teaches us how to increase our own happiness and build more productive habits.
Understanding What We're Feeling
  • Harvard Business Review posted this article about understanding that what we’re feeling right now is grief.
  • Psychology Today has shared a PBS Kids aimed at helping us understand what we’re experiencing and how to cope with it.